The First movie is where this all got started.

Peter Singfield.... Steam Engineer extraordinaire
Mosquito Coast is a movie made because of a real life experience of Peter's in Belize,
Making cold from heat!
Note the references to the poem "Heavens Telephone", written maybe, by my mother.
Also note the downfall of his paradise.
Peter is also one of the most distinguished influences in my life
Mosquito Coast.....

So now how we met Peter.
I was designing a database that needed a large list of items. This was on the
Radio Shack Color Computer in 1979. I got the 2nd one that came into Canada.
I'd done the upgrade to 64k through an angelic friend of mine named Gabrielle.
He had taught me well and given me some books to study. I needed a hard drive.
I phoned the only company in Canada that may have these. Micro RGS Montreal.
Peter got on the phone and said they had some for the model 3 but none for the Coco.
I told him I could make it work. He said if you really can, come to Montreal.
So I packed up my stuff and 3 1/2 days later I showed up on the bus.
My prime goal was in vector interpretations of a matrix.
I had no idea of how good or bad I was. I got there about 8pm on a Sunday night.
Peter was nowhere to be found. After my third call I decided to give it a rest and
discover the world around the bus station. I wandered into the mall complex and
after finding one of the doors opened , I entered. I was window shopping closed stores
when 2 security agents came by and kicked me out. Not out of the entrance I had come
into, but the one where the only way was through McGill University.
When I tried the university door, it was opened and I entered because of the cold.
I was wearing my oil riggers snowmobile suit which was heavily stained.
As I entered heard there was a lecture going on. I wandered to the open door where
the lecture was and realized they were talking matrix (raster) to vector analyzation.
My field. It turned out to be Dr. Taylor from U of Edinborough. Who's factorials
were the ones I was using in the Coco. He proved the idea other than for a few
exceptions that may occur in the sampling. I knew how to make these secure
the vectors equation accurately but when I tried to explain it to him, and though
somewhat succeeding could not qualify the final arguments to him.
He said," Stick to it kid, You'll work it out".
I went back to the Greyhound station and Pete was there the first call and we met.

He then tried to prove my skills by showing him what I had. Within about 2 weeks I had
been through every book in his library of over 350 books. I had taken apart a program and
put it back working. I got a job at Micro RGS and went to work. It took me a few months to
get and study the material, and another month to write and test the code, and I had
hooked up the first hard disk drive to a personal computer in history. Within a number
of months the boss Robert Sajo, had made me VP R&D. We produced about a new
product a week for many weeks. I did a few shows, but then came the meeting with

I can not explain all that happened, It would take pages and pages.
I remember it was Jan 8...I think 1981 though it could be 1980.
It was at the Hyatt Regency in Long Beach California.
The actual conversations were recorded by members there and is part of their record.
After the meeting, they asked what they could do for me. I first asked
them to give us more episodes of Star Trek. They told me it was "Syndicated"
I had no idea what that was but made the statement, "You've just been talking
for the last few hours, to a man who does not know the meaning of the word CAN'T,
just learning the word "Shouldn't". Try something different. Give it a different name
like "the next generation" or something. Within a few years. the first of the
new star trek movies and series were born. Also the series "McGyver" with
Henry Winkler and me under the name "John Rich" produced. After the main
meeting with Paramount, David Cameron sat down with me and we wrote
the movie "Aliens" together. He could not believe that a man of God/Love
would support such a horror movie. I told him it was about self sacrificing love.
It is not place here in this collection because this is a Gospel site. Though it
accompanied the Gospel, is not something to focus on. It did however give
a whole bunch of answers as to the technology that was at hand in that day.
It also feature the first main concept of low G descent which became the
Space Shuttle Program.
When this phase was done, they said...Now what do we do for YOU?
Again I suggested that I needed to more about Mahatma Gandhi.
Someone suggested that Richard Attenborough always wanted to do it
and this would be a great collaboration.
 SO It got started.

Now I need some time to put the new system together and welcome my friends. Our facebook will soon be up, and with room for over 15,000 users and millions of images, will fit in the palm of your hand. (besides the drives).

Thanks to Peter, Dr. Gerold Bull and our associates with the old avro program. Space Core is born. This is
Peace be upon you.