Using Http:
Follow this link>>>
This is slower and does not do VOD yet. It will download the chosen file for later viewing using the FTP protocol below.

using Windows 10 File Manager.
Open a window and put this in the address

Using FTP.
Download FileZilla - It's an ftp client....any will do
Open and navigate to ftp:/
Your first user name will be Anonymous and will need no password.
This allows you to pick many files at once and is easier. Still no VOD.

I need super bandwidth for VOD. but thats up to you.
Not really rocket science eh'???

   If your video player does not auto play these files, you need to use a 'divx' player or assign your current player.
  I use DivXWebPlayerInstaller.exe. DO NOT!!!! Upgrade to newer!!!!
I also am designing this explicitly using the open source Seamonkey project because of it's WYSIWYG html editor  built in.
If you want an additional page you can edit a new one by submitting it for approval.
You may have to unassign your 'divx' files in your current video player. Do enjoy. Shout if any problems to

If you are a content supplier with a conflict, please let us know.
Yours 4Hymn